Our Process

ourprocessThe overall objective of seeking financial advice is to achieve predetermined outcomes. You may not be fully aware of your goals until you begin your discussions with us, or you may have a specific goal in mind, such as retiring at 60. Whatever your circumstances, we will help you to uncover your goals and create a plan that is consistent with your beliefs and appropriate for your lifestyle.

A quick summary of our process and approach with you.


If you decide to see a Financial Adviser, you may be unsure as to what exactly is involved. The steps below demonstrate the broad process you will go through at Willow Wealth Management.

  1. Information and understanding: This first step is a very important one. It involves us getting acquainted – as with any professional relationship it is important that we are both happy working with each other. We need to have a thorough understanding of your values and needs, as well as you need to be aware of what exactly you are getting out of the service.
  2. Life goals and objectives: The next step involves delving a little deeper into your life plan – your goals and objectives. We can help you create appropriate short, medium and long term goals which can ultimately lead to the lifestyle you deserve.
  3. Your current financial status: Before we can create appropriate strategies for you, we need to establish your current financial situation. This will create a context and starting point for your financial plan. Things we will consider usually include your current income and expenses, looking at your assets and liabilities, any insurance or investments you have and your Superannuation.
  4. Develop a plan to meet your goals: Now that we have an idea of where you are currently and what your future goals are, we can put all this information together to create a tailored financial plan. We will discuss various strategies that suit your circumstances and together decide on the action to take. The ultimate objective is to progress from where you are now, to where you wish to be.
  5. Implement recommendations based on you: During this stage we will implement the actions that we previously decided upon together.
  6. Review and update regularly: As life progresses your circumstances will undoubtedly change – sometime only slightly, but occasionally dramatically. Therefore it is vital that your financial plan is regularly reviewed and updated to ensure the strategies applied remain relevant and valuable. By remaining an active participant in your financial life, you will have the greatest opportunity to make the future you desire a reality.